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Fri - June 23, 2017

Campaign on Banning Nuclear Weapons

Interaction Program: “Sitting Together-An Initiative for Banning Nuclear Weapons” was organized by FNB, Nepal with the support of ICAN at Kathmandu, Nepal on August 28, 2015. Parliamentary Members, Political Youth Leaders, Officials from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Home Affairs, Human Rights Defenders, Bar Association’s Members, Lawyers, Law Students, Civil Society Members, Youth Activists and Members of FNB, Nepal were present at the program. Two experts viz. expert of Peace, Conflict and Weapons and faculty member of Legal Education had presented their paper on the interaction topic. The program was successful to sensitize the participants and concerned stakeholders on humanitarian effects of nuclear weapons and was able to get solidarity and commitment from all to endorse Austrian Pledge of Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons. The program was facilitated by Nirmal Kumar Upreti, president of FNB, Nepal.

Members of FNB, Nepal had a meeting with officials from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nepal on July 15, 2015. The organization has urged Nepal government to support the Austrian Pledge of treaty banning nuclear weapons. The officials from the ministry showed their positive response on being the part of Austrian Pledge and supporting the activities of banning nuclear weapons.